Timeless beauty
and innovation

Pininfarina Segno represents the horizon of an innovative and unique scenario in the writing experience.
Creating a timeless beauty, typical of Pininfarina design, and developing innovation through continuous research are the reasons at the root of this project, which highlights both products signed by Pininfarina, and also a selection of Italian design excellences we’d like to suggest to our public, because of the remarkable innovative elements and the values we share.
Pininfarina Segno combines cutting-edge technologies and craft skills to add a new chapter in the history of writing and beyond.

Beyond the limits,
a limitless future

Combining the perfect shape with perfect functionality, that’s the mastery of design in creating timeless masterpieces.
Objects that become icons and that represent us, communicating who we are every day.
The Pininfarina Segno project is all this: going beyond the limits to reach a new universe, through research and selection of precious materials, a unique craftsmanship that makes each piece a collector’s jewel.

Pininfarina. The shape of Emotion

Through all the projects, Pininfarina embodies the spirit of today’s man, inspiring his attitude in every moment and place of life.
Nowadays Pininfarina represents a world of unique icons and experiences, expressions of elegance and exclusivity that touch the soul: from sports cars, to yachts, up to fine watchmaking, each creation leaves an indelible mark on the evolution of design.
Pininfarina Segno is a new chapter in a story started in 1930.