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Aero Maserati

    • Pininfarina Aero Maserati
    • Pininfarina Aero Maserati
    • Pininfarina Aero Maserati
    • Pininfarina Aero Maserati

A call to Excellence. Pininfarina Segno takes a meaningful step into the realm of world-class international design, striking an alliance with the iconic luxury sportscar firm Maserati. A partnership whose force resides in the common vision and shared values: from the continuous research for excellence in every detail, to the perfect balance between artisan tradition and innovative techniques. The ambitious goal, is to create the most refined set of writing instruments, inspired by the four-wheel jewels of the iconic Trident.


Aero: futuristic body is made of exclusive aerospace-materials according to the principles of torque, which shapes the material and evokes the symbol of infinity. In contrast with it, the light stone base in the iconic Maserati blue. Opposite materials that complement and attract one another: a tool that s urpasses the barrier of time to explore new galaxies of expression.


  • Tip in Ethergraf® alloy
  • Length 16 cm
  • Diameter 1 cm
  • Weight 17 gr (The indicated weight refers to the single stem)
  • Body in aerospace aluminium
  • Basement in light stone
  • Packaging size 19,3 x 4 x 4,7 cm
  • Carton box
  • Designed by Pininfarina

    A new, revolutionary idea of creative writing

    ETHERGRAF®the modern heir of Silverpoint, is an innovative metal alloy which “scratches” common paper and oxidizes it, leaving a light and romantic mark like graphite, but timeless like ink.

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